Ravencamp was discovered by the Elven Bard Ninnian, the Man Fighter Col, and the Halfling Thief Sans when scouting Vermindown.

The muddy village stands between two large rolling hills in Vermindown so as to conceal its location from the Marauders which plague the area. Surrounded by light earthworks and makeshift defenses, the encampment is comprised of several dozen tents populated mostly by Adventurers and travellers in addition to a handful of Women and children.

It has been attacked by a group of brigands not long ago but the attack was successfully repelled under the leadership of the steward Davidson who hesitantly acts as leader of the group. Any who arrive in Ravencamp may find a strip of land to settle for the night with moderate safety. Davidson asks of anyone who wishes to stay that they be prepared to spring into action in defense of the camp at a moments notice. Additionally, those looking for a steady free meal may serve as patrolmen of the camp working in 4 hour daily shifts.

Noteable locals encountered at Ravencamp include:

The Clamor:
Ravencamp was beseiged by the Marauders and saw their population began to dwindle from a sapping poison slipped into their water supply from an unknown source. They would be saved and evacuated by Black Goat Inn guild members Col, Gnarr, and Berrik. The refugees are now being sheltered in Brovook on the Eastern coast of the Frontier.


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