The Orb of Power

An ominous orb rumored to contain great power.


The person who first touches the orb becomes bound to Thelon’s soul and the item itself. In a sense you are possessed by the mysterious Sorcerer as a fragment of his sould enters your own and begins to cloud your mind. When bound to the orb you may receive experience by pursuing the following goal:

-I will find my brother, High Priest Thonel, and convince him to free me from this prison

The one who is bound to Thelon may perform wondrous acts. While bound and brandishing the orb, you may torture Thelon’s soul. Roll plus str. On a 10 plus you may change, alter, or destroy one geographical area or man-made area (e.g. level a city or change a mountain range into a lake). Choose 1 from the below list. On a 7-9 you still accomplish your intent but choose 2. On a failure you accomplish your intent but receive all 3.

-Roll Last Breath
-Reduce a Stat by 2
-Destroy the Orb and Shatter Thelon’s soul


The Orb of Power was discovered in Thelon’s Rift on the Feral Coast. Thelon’s Rift served as the burial place for the Sorcerer King Thelon who once ruled a great nation centered around the port city of Castitia. The King was imprisoned in the orb which contains his soul, and he is seeking a way out.

Due to Thelon’s awe-inspiring power, the orb is capable of upsetting the very fabric that binds the land.

It was obtained by the guild and is currently bound to the Halfling Thief Sans. While it is believed that this bind may be transferred or stolen, it is currently unknown how to accomplish this. Guild leader Avreal obtained the orb with intent to keep it from Sans and is currently hiding the item in Castitia.

The Orb of Power

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