Small guy, big hammer, no fear!


Path: Strength
Level: 4
Berserker – Killing shit is no sweat. Roll 1D12 for all melee Challenge Rolls and your damage die is increased by 1 die type. To come out of your blind rage you must succeed at a Routine Challenge Roll if you are still being threatened or an Easy Challenge Roll if you are no longer threatened but there are still meaty bodies to cleave nearby (allies or innocents). The GM will prompt you to retest in between attacks if you are still in kill mode

Brute – You count as one level higher when determining the Difficulty of a combat Challenge Roll

Charge! – Whenever you rush headlong into melee without giving it a second thought or using your brain, gain +1D4 damage on your first attack

Dual Wield – You wield two weapons in Combat. When you roll damage roll an additional 1D4 which acts as an Advantage Die (take the highest roll for your damage)


Fat little halfling with a berserker complex. Likes to get into fights and has a hard time accepting that anything is too much for him to handle. His twin brother Sans plays the voice of reason with a blackjack to the back of the head.
Fats is also an accomplished cook, he makes all sorts of halfling snacks and is always on the lookout for something else he can try cooking.


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