Col "The Last of the Northmen"

Col is the only living survivor of a massive dwarf assault on the Horsemen of the North.


Col is a massive "horse-rider" of the Northen Steppes.  He carries a composite bow and a six-foot long curved riding sword.


Col is the oldest child of seven that was fathered by the horsemaster Coltura.  His father was a fierce and proud warrior who lead "the horde" for over four decades.  However, Col's life was forever altered when a surprise assault by dwarven soldiers killed Col's entire family and most of "the horde".  Over a span of three years Col lead the fragmented remains of the once mighty horsemen of the Northern Steppes against repeated Dwarf and Orc attacks.  Eventually the remnants were camped in a valley floor, desperate for food and freezing to death.  Only Col survived the fatal Dwarven attack, and that was only because his trusty steed carried him off of the battefield with an unconscious and battered Col riding on his back.  

Since then Col has ventured to the Frontier looking for a way to reinstate his families' dynasty.  He has decided that joining the adventuring guild is his easiest path towards this goal and has not looked back since.  

Col "The Last of the Northmen"

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