Biron of Marquart

Chief Representative of the League of Ajite


Biron of Marquart is the face of the League of Ajite in Castitia. Acting as the charge of the predominant merchant activity of Castitia comes with wealth, power, and of course risk. While Biron is certainly one of the wealthiest individuals on the Frontier, he is also probably the most overworked and stressed citizen as well.

Biron came to the Frontier to aggressively pursue his own interests. He has no care for the loss of Ranewan or the discovery this wondrous place; quite simply he is looking to amass a fortune dipping his hands into the wealth of others as it is shipped to and from the Frontier. His ultimate goal is obtain title in Breonne, an objective which will require a great deal of sacrifice and monetary loss for a person not born into the circumstance.

Biron also has accepted an invitation to sit upon the newly formed Soveriegn Council of Castitia, where he hopes to see his power continue to increase.

Biron of Marquart

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