The Frontier

Session 14 - The Sovereign Council and the Ironclad

Biron of MarquartThe session began quietly as the group was appraised of some interesting news while soaking up the last of the Breonnish ale in the Black Goat Inn. It was heralded that the Sovereign Council of Castitia had been formed by Angelere of Norn, leader of the Company of the Black Dragon.

Castitia would finally have a body of leadership and it would be comprised of the following:

In addition to such powerful news the guild quickly learned that a ship had been lost of the coast, debris and bodies discovered by incoming merchants. The ship in question possessed a large hold full of iron ore as well as the guild’s incoming stock of fine Breonnish ale. The loss would be costly to the guild and would cause them to lose their monetary advantage on the other taverns operating in the area.

More important than the monetary loss, it was quickly discovered that Caspar, Journeyman of the Ordo Electus and newly recruited Guildmember, believed his brother was on the boat which had gone missing. He was expecting the arrival of his brother to the Frontier and he could speak with near certainty that he was on the missing ship.

Caspar quickly went to one his texts where he evoked a swelling emotion from a poem which began to morph and form sentences concerning the whereabouts of his sibling. The mage’s sorcerery was powerful and quickly utilized to set the guildmembers on the right track.

Caspar quickly joined up with Col, ranking member of the Guild of the Black Goat on site, and they set about to commandeer a ship as rapidly as they could.

After a quick stop at the harbor master which lead to the fruituitous discovery that 2 ships owned by the League of Ajite were docked, their crew on shore leave. Refusing to waste even a second, Col and Caspar marched to the Hog Leg to meet up with Biron of Marquart and speak business at one in the morning. Luckily he was nursing some ale in the tavern and anyone who knows Biron knows he is always willing to talk business.

The guild procured a skeleton crew as well as the ship the Morningstar which would be paid handsomly by the guild to take them to the location of the wreckage discovered two days offshore.




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