The Frontier

Session 14 - The Sovereign Council and the Ironclad

Biron of MarquartThe session began quietly as the group was appraised of some interesting news while soaking up the last of the Breonnish ale in the Black Goat Inn. It was heralded that the Sovereign Council of Castitia had been formed by Angelere of Norn, leader of the Company of the Black Dragon.

Castitia would finally have a body of leadership and it would be comprised of the following:

In addition to such powerful news the guild quickly learned that a ship had been lost of the coast, debris and bodies discovered by incoming merchants. The ship in question possessed a large hold full of iron ore as well as the guild’s incoming stock of fine Breonnish ale. The loss would be costly to the guild and would cause them to lose their monetary advantage on the other taverns operating in the area.

More important than the monetary loss, it was quickly discovered that Caspar, Journeyman of the Ordo Electus and newly recruited Guildmember, believed his brother was on the boat which had gone missing. He was expecting the arrival of his brother to the Frontier and he could speak with near certainty that he was on the missing ship.

Caspar quickly went to one his texts where he evoked a swelling emotion from a poem which began to morph and form sentences concerning the whereabouts of his sibling. The mage’s sorcerery was powerful and quickly utilized to set the guildmembers on the right track.

Caspar quickly joined up with Col, ranking member of the Guild of the Black Goat on site, and they set about to commandeer a ship as rapidly as they could.

After a quick stop at the harbor master which lead to the fruituitous discovery that 2 ships owned by the League of Ajite were docked, their crew on shore leave. Refusing to waste even a second, Col and Caspar marched to the Hog Leg to meet up with Biron of Marquart and speak business at one in the morning. Luckily he was nursing some ale in the tavern and anyone who knows Biron knows he is always willing to talk business.

The guild procured a skeleton crew as well as the ship the Morningstar which would be paid handsomly by the guild to take them to the location of the wreckage discovered two days offshore.


Session 13 - Sans and Fats enter the Cackling Marsh

Sans, Fats and their tracker Jorge departed South of Castitia toward the Cackling Marsh in search of Hob The Farstrider. They knew Hob had been recruiting a party to head into the Marsh in search of the Sunken Tower but he had not returned from his journey several weeks ago. The two halflings were intent on finding a missing adventurer as well as sunken wealth in a grimy, stinking hell of a bog.

Their journey would be altogether uneventful until they entered the Cackling Marsh, where they would quickly learn how it received its moniker. Several days into the maze of swamp, Sans began to hear the laughter. The voice was that of an elderly woman and it mostly tore through the silence at night, inflicting insomnia on the overweight Halfling. Fats, somehow, did not hear the voice – even as the trio pushed closer to the source.

After a disagreement with Jorge, the two brothers would push forward on their own where they encountered filthy decayed souls. Fighting off several waves of the undead, they finally arrived at a mess of flooded caves where the laughter was echoing from. It was here the duo nearly lost their lives to the witch of the Cackling Marsh, barely escaping with their lives.

Session 12 - Sojourn into Nightwood

Simion had taken to the adventuring Guild of the Black Goat Inn rather quickly. Within days of returning from the treacherous journey to The Withered Hand of Acherot, the Chronicler of the Keeper of the Garden recruited fellow guild members Gnarr and Claude of Loren to venture into Nightwood and gather information on the behavior of the Goblins inhabiting the inner wood.

Riding into the woods the trio was surprised to discover a band of travellers holed up in the long creek outside the edge of Goblin territory. The three men were wounded and taking cover in the dried creek bed, surrounded on all sides by greenskins. When the guild members realized they had wandered into a goblin warband they quickly attempted to evacuate the wounded and push out of the creek. They were greeted with a hail of crudely fletched arrows which cut into their rank.

Charging forth, the group assaulted the goblin line with the help of the wounded companions they had just discovered. Despite a mishap from Gnarr in wielding his chaotic power, they made quick work of the greenskins – forcing them off into the woods. They spoke briefly with the men they had just rescued, striking a particular conversation with their leader Karl. Karl ended up buying Claude’s horse from him for a bloated price due to their unfortunate circumstances.

The group pressed on through the dense wood, pushing past the edge of the goblin territory and into their dangerous realm. The shock that gripped the trio’s face was remarkable when they discovered the small cabin in the middle of nowhere.

The cabin was adorned with goblin skulls and other trophies hanging from string. It was clearly a place which the beasts feared if they would allow such a structure to exist on their own ground. They would meet the owner, Perreault, who had been out on the hunt and was returning with several rodents.

Perreault proved to be a cautious man who slowly warmed up to the group, offering them shelter and food. He traded war stories of his days in the Dragon Fusiliers of Breonne with the group and offered them what knowledge he could of the Nightwood natives.

While staying at the man’s home, Gnarr would Pierce the Veil and discover Perreault was hiding something. Locked in the cellar behind his home, Gnarr caught sight of a twisted vision of a pagan shrine to the dead god Olot. What was even more disturbing was the creature which was lurking in the cellar – its visage jolted the Elf and snapped him out of his horrific dream.

Refusing to jeopardize the journey or their livelihood, the group pressed on with Perreault’s help. They journeyed several hours Northwest where they found a hole torn from the earth and birthing a tunnel which Perreault believed the goblins had carved. Simion could not restrain his curiosity and dove in head-first. The group’s journey would come to a sudden and shocking end as Simion stumbled into a shallow pit of poisoned spikes which pierced his cheek and left hand. Screaming in pain, his comrades pulled him from the hole and retreated to Perreault’s cabin where Simion could be treated before succumbing to the nasty poison.

Session 11 - The Withered Hand of Acherot and the Dwarves
Don't touch the doom die unless you mean it!

The barbarian Col and the new recruits Gnarr, Barrek, and Simion were given the dwarven rune keys and sent north to discover their purpose. This was going to be a trying journey for Col because he would have to keep his seething hatred of the stout folk in check.

As the party set off into the wind blasted northern mountains they quickly realized they had not sufficiently prepared for the cold and snow that would confront them. The party, growing hungry tracked down an elk to supplement their food stores and possibly use its furs. Col raised his bow to take down the beast but before he could loose his arrow, a giant boulder crashed down from up the mountain, obliterating the elk. A shaggy humanoid standing ten feet tall bellowed from its perch and lobbed another boulder at Col.

The barbarian was able to easily dodge the rock and on Simion’s advice, the group left the area knowing the territorial Snow Troll would not follow them.

That night, Simion and Col’s steeds died from the cold. The party camped out under a rocky outcropping and attempted to make a fire. After several failures Gnarr used his sorcery to ignite a blaze. Barrek, while patrolling the area found a buried and frozen dwarf and his wagon. It was decided that the weather was not permitting to dig out this poor soul.

Further into their trek, Grarr happened to catch a glimpse of light shining out of the side of a mountain. Upon further investigation it was a crack, that with some squeezing, could be used to gain access into some tunnels inside the mountain. Once inside, the party saw a retreating light and decided to follow it. Eventually catching up, they found it was a dwarf! At this point, Col could not contain his hatred and loosed an arrow striking the fellow in the leg. Simion jumped on Col attempting to restrain him and the dwarf ran. Col threw off the weak Simion and started to chase the retreating dwarf and ran directly into the imposing armored chest of Barrek. Gnarr and Simion took the opportunity to run after the dwarf, Simion calling out to him in this own tongue.

After convincing the dwarf that the arrow incident was an accident, the party was led to the dwarven mining outpost in this mountain. The dwarves here were ragged and tired. They had been cut off from their main city by a cave in and were working hard to meet deadlines. After Gnarr used his magic to help the dwarves clear the cave in, the party was offered a dry, warm place to sleep for the night and a deal to help transport a shipment of black iron through the abandoned Abyss.

The Abyss was originally used by the dwarves to get around the mountain range, but after the denizens of this natural cave system showed a predatory instinct and a taste for flesh, the Abyss had been sealed off and a longer, but safer set of tunnels had been dug. With this in mind, the party and a contingent of dwarves set off to transport their cargo through this dangerous place.

The journey started off quiet. While the dwarves were repairing a damaged part of the track, Simion and Gnarr ventured out and, with the aid of Gnarr’s magic, spotted one of the infernal creatures. It looked similar to a man, but with arms and hands instead of legs and feet. It crawled on all fours and had two appendages that looked like spider legs protruding from its shoulders, but it did not walk on them. Most disturbing was its lack of a head, instead it had flaps of skin that covered its otherwise smooth shoulders. The creature retreated from the light that was thrown at it but Gnarr and Simion knew that they would see these again before this trip was out.

The first conflict came at a damaged bridge. While Barrek and Col were at the end of the span inspecting the damage, Col noticed one of the monsters lurking above the entrance into the cavern. He called a warning to Simion and Gnarr, who were about to enter through that same opening and loosed an arrow. The startled creature managed to skitter out of the way as the arrow stuck stone. Barrek drew his cross bow and stepped forward to also shoot at the creature. As he raised his weapon to fire, two more of the beasts sprang out from the chasm edge and impaled him on their spider leg like appendages. His flesh burned from some sort of poison excreted from the beasts and he toppled over the edge of the cliff. Col quickly shot one of Barrek’s assailants dead but was tackled by th other one. As Simion rushed forward and stuck his short sword though the monster on Col, Gnarr summoned forth a hand of stone from the cave wall and sacrificed the monster with his magics to some forgotten god.

Dealing with the death of Barrek rather well, everyone knows the risks of this kind of life and takes great pains to not become to attached to anyone, the three survivors ventured on with the dwarves. The rest of the journey was rather uneventful. Simion wandered off to investigate a glow coming from down one of the caverns and found some egg sacks of the monsters of this place as well as a rare flower and some glowing moss. Gnarr retrieved one of the egg sacks for Simion but the thing shrieked and the party was forced to retreat to the safety of the dwarven caravan.

As the caravan arrived at the gates to the main dwarf citadel it was attacked once more, this time by a giant version of the creature which had an eye covered head. The party was weary and tired and opted to retreat insead of fight. Col helped hold the beast back until Gnarr and Simion had made a safe getaway before following, hoping it would kill many dwarves before it was finally brought down.

Inside the citadel, the dwarf kind Banrin met the party and thanked them for their assistance as well as offering them shelter. Simion later wondered around the hold and found a dwarf elder teaching young ones. After the lesson was over, Simion approached him, inquiring about the rune stones. The elder could not read them, but brought Simion to _______, a runesmith who worked in the hold. ________ was surprised that even he could not read them but he had seen something like it before. He decided to join the party and its adventures for the Guild of the Black Goat to learn more about these stones and hopefully, someday, uncover their mystery.

The Sans Recount of Session 8

After a wild party that I can’t remember, I believe because fats was fiddling with my old poisons and not telling me, Fats freed me from jail. I was in for doing something to a frog. I’m no fool, frogs live in the swamp and we haven’t been to any swamps in a while. Thankfully after insulting me, throwing metal things around and breaking some keys I had been trying to get my hands on. Thankfully they didn’t know I had a key to the castle, which is why I thought I might be there. Later on I went to the black dragons to hire some spies to find out where the human was hiding my marble. I was thinking I could use it as a belt buckle.

Shortly after we all left, back down south where we all once again got lost and gorged on every bit of food we had. I blame the delicious snacks I made and not the getting lost part. I can’t stop eating them. Anyway, once we found our way back we were greeted by a head hung in the rafters set there to spy on us. After proving how amazing I am at archery and winging the head to make it spin we went inside and back down to the doors that hide the depths below. It seems that the elf isn’t the only one that knows magic because we got a bit toasted, but not after I caught one of the big bastards with my hyenaman trap. Shortly after Fats tore them apart with a long complicated argument that dispatched the war-band of hyenamen.

Going deeper into the dark abyss that is the forever lake we found an offering chamber where people came to pin themselves on walls and hang themselves for the demon lady. While making our way to the less picked over area Fats and I ambushed a sleeping Dracolich, and making it beg for it’s life in a matter of moments. Oh also we found a bronze man who is helping us because we gave him back his leg. After finally coming to terms that I am in fact not a fan of cold water Fats cleverly discerned how to advance to the next level of the dungeon.

Good night journal.

Session 5 - The Grave of Words, the Taker of Heads and Gore Eater

Deciding that descending into the middle of a raging battle was not a good idea, the trio of Sans, Fats and Quinn opted for one of the other stairways down. Choosing the west stair and random the group pushed downwards and found themselves in a maze of forking hallways.

While wandering the halls, the party saw light coming from under one of the doors. Sans crept up to the door and took a peak inside. Several humans were sitting around a fire and shooting them was obviously the best course of action. An arrow zinged into the man who looked to be the leader of the group and Sans exited the room setting up an ambush for the expected pursuit. The pursuit never came and Fats, getting bored, decided to smash his way in instead. The room was quickly a bloody mess and Fats, foaming at the mouth, was scampering after an archer who was fleeing down another hallway. Sans laid low another human who was coming up behind Quinn and himself with an arrow then took off after Fats, sap in hand. Convincing words and a fresh bruise to the cranium convinced Fats to leave the mangled and broken corpse of the archer behind and head back to where the Saddlebag brothers had left Quinn.

Quinn, meanwhile, was looting the bodies and room. He was so engrossed in this that he did not notice the boy who was sneaking up behind him until it was too late! Unfortunately for the boy, he was just a weak boy and Quinn disarmed him and stabbed him easily. Fortunately for the boy, he was a quick boy, and made an escape back down the hallway towards the intersection that the party had first come to. When the halflings returned they decided to follow the trail of blood to see where the boy had come from.

Sans, Fats and Quinn came followed the blood trail and found a much larger group of humans, somewhat well armed and not to happy to see the trio. Fats decided that these poeple could be useful as they probably know their way around the Grave of Words, at least more than he did, and tried to make peace with them. After Sans gave the wounded boy a healing potion the leader of the group, Vold, finally grudgingly accepted. He told the party of a large treasure stash and would lead them too it if they agreed to split it with his band. An agreement was reached, which Sans and Fats were already planning on how to break, and the now larger group moved out.

Midway through the long journey, the gray men sprang an ambush. Fats and Sans charged off pursuing the fleeing monsters as more beset the lagging humans. Quinn warped the mind of Vold with magicks and convinced Vold that he should protect Quinn at all costs before trying to catch up with the halflings. Vold sent one of his men after Quinn, which was fortuitous because even more gray men ambushed Quinn.


The Sans ramblings

I first want it noted that no one suggested putting the bear trap where that window portal spat us out. That would have been the best. Perhaps with a sign in front of it saying “did it work?” in small letters.

Jan (makes the person a human woman), from Ravencamp, noticed that the ale given to the guards had been tampered with and was a gift from me. Two and two together she knows I did something to the guard there and she wants to blackmail me or tell the guard. No one is currently suffering from the ale yet, since I can have it happen whenever (and if I can’t it happened when we left… a couple days after they’d have been distributing it).
-This is for my “wanted” for next game’s session since we’ll be starting in town and the constable will still want to meet me about “me” killing the guy in the alley.

I’ve also taken the use magic item ability so I have a smaller chance of doing bad things to myself and everyone around me with those fun little things… also this is making me want them more. Any chance I can plan a heist or something of the sort in town to steal one. I’d even be willing to use the carouse as a cover.

I’ve asked about Defensive roll for thief. I can’t remember if anyone said anything about it and since level 6 is next (even though I’m Hp of half that level) it’d be nice if that 2nd tier move made sense/ was good.

I’ve also asked about magic item creation… One can hope.

Oh, I want to hire spys (or something of the sort) to hunt down the location of my orb. Not to take it or what ever but to keep tabs on it. Since half the party doesn’t want me to have it I won’t steal it back yet, but I’d like my character to know where it is in case the need arises or the people who know of it die.

A side not for myself not my character. If I do die I think I will reroll as another Thief but try out the more brutish things like backstab and sneaking etc. Currently I think when I level I’ll be making my will a +3 (since I can’t make int +2) and focus more no magic items. Oh oh, if they make ranged able to sneak attack can I sneak attack w/ a magic item that is a ranged attack? Perhaps only time will tell.

I looked again at the character bond statements. I can’t change Josh’s assumed one since everyone in the party already knows incriminating things about me :(

One last thing. I’m going to start making the point that lit up areas could be considered dark areas for mobs that never see light. Ex: Hiding under a torch in an area w/ many torches to hide my presence from those gnoll things / graymen / etc etc. It’d essentially be inverting the light we see… we fill rooms with dark to blot out the light so we can see better!

bed time

Session 4 - The Grave of Words, Introduction

The group finally re-united with Torek in Ravencamp and girded themselves for a directed sojourn into Nightwood in search of The Grave of Words. Trepidation would be met with boiling anger and confusion as Torek lead the group directly into Goblin territory and deserted them, leaving them to the clutches of the helacious beasts.

The group would fight its way out due to the steeled direction of the huntsman Franz that had been hired to lead the group across country and provide his tracking and survival skills. They would soon learn that Torek had passed through Ravencamp in a hurry and rode Southwest into Razor Flats – a land dominated by man-height elephant grass that bears a sharp edge that cuts the exposed flesh and makes for difficult travel.

It was in Razor Flats that they caught up with Torek, Fats laid a Razor Hind low, and Sans pushed their betrayor into revealing that he was an agent of the Grave who was trying to lead them astray. Despite Torek’s best efforts, the guild found the Grave of Words and gazed upon the evil wreckage which bled decay.

The upper level of the temple was adorned with devilish edifices and unnatural horrific architecture. A large double set of bronze doors bearing enormous runes of ancient symbology and soft iron covering the exposed cracks of the door meeting frame was beset upon by the group. Fats quickly decided to bash the structure in with his masher before the Elven Mage Quinn could decipher the doors true intention as a safeguard to keep the demon below at bay (“Oops” – Fats). A group of brigands was also discovered living in the collapsed tower to the Northeast, which the guild members quickly crushed and drove from the wreckage like roaches scattering from light.

Braving the utter corruption of the structure itself, the group pushed below in order to explore the 1st level of the Grave and discover her treasures.

The trio of Fats, Sans and Quinn descended down a flight of stairs hidden inside of a well that punctuated the grand hall of the dark temple. Torches were lit to ward off the encroaching darkness but the bottom of the hidden room could not be seen. The group finally made it to the bottom of the stair, which unfortunately hung a respectable height off the ground. Securing ropes, Fats descended into the dark cavern below.

The area was found safe so Sans and Quinn joined him. The safety did not remain very long as two opposing armies charged out of the darkness to clash on top of the party! From the east bellowed massive hyena men, bedecked in savage trophies and wielding jagged blades. From the West skulked diminutive gray men, numerous and sneaky. Realizing that this was not the best place to be; Fats, Sans and Quinn hurried for their rope. Quinn scrambled to safety but as Fats was boosting Sans up the rope a hyena warrior charged in, either mistaking them for gray men or indifferent in its battle lust as to what it killed. Seeing his brother knocked from the rope, Fats turned on the savage beast and smote it down. It was quickly replaced by a contingent of gray men who also fell before the Masher. Finding a moment of repose, Sans and Fats followed Quinn up the rope and back towards the mouth of the well, and safety.

Session 3 - Thelon's Rift

The group took Davidson’s warnings and debarked for the Feral Coast in search of Thelon’s Rift. The guild members en route consisted of Bards Ninian and Avreal, and Halfling twins Sans and Fats. An Elven Wizard Ninian had recruited had also been sent word to join them mid-travel and would make himself known later in the journey. Quinn was a trusted friend and Ninian felt his services would be important in solving Thelon’s Rift.

The land proved rough and ragged as they zipped down the coast looking for signs of civilization. They came across a field alight with flame, prairie grass burning and bellowing thick smoke into the sky. Sans decided to check out the disturbance and see if there were any signs of what caused the blaze – Fats followed suit to look after his brother.

Due to incompetence and a bit of bad luck, the two Halflings found themselves cut-off by the growing blaze and fled into the nearby tree-line avoiding the choking smoke. This is when all hell broke loose as Avreal and Ninian, onlooking from atop a distant hill, spotted a group of mounted beasts barrelling towards them. The riders were black skinned, wild, barring fangs and giant muscles. They rode enormous wolves the size of horses and it was clearly evident to all this was the Madhowl Clan Davidson lost his group to.

A massive struggle ensued with the Halflings charging out of the woods, Ninian playing enrapturing song to distract the beasts, and Avreal maneuvering for a cunning flank. When the dust would settle the mighty Elven Bard Ninian would lay amongst the broken bodies – accompanied by 6 of the beastmen. It was a sad day as the Elf would be buried in a foreign land without the oversight of his own people – only the comforting song of his companion Avreal. On the bright side, Fats found a handful of crushed diamonds in a loose bag on one of the Madhowl Clan members which he would later use to purchase the Black Goat Inn.

The group pressed on finding the ancient stone mausoleum depicting the Sorcerer’s grave. They found Quinn, the Elven Wizard, waiting for them and re-united forces. He seemed disapointed in Ninian’s death but lacked a great deal of compassion, focusing instead on the matter at hand.
Delving into the crypt, the group encountered a torrent of water, the bridge of death, and a huge golem forged of clay which nearly took Fats’ life. It pounded the group and spewed fury, only to be laid low by a hail of stunty arrows and wild pounding swings of a barbed hammer.

The group triumphed and pushed into the main room of the crypt which housed the fabled Orb of Power.

Sans couldn’t hold back his greed and he quickly darted for the splendid looking object, grabbing it up into his thick greedy hands where something horrific occurred. Although the particulars are not exactly known to the guild, it would be discovered the Orb of Power houses the Sorcerer King Thelon’s very soul – trapped in its confines. When Sans grasped the Orb from its cradle part of Thelon’s soul would fracture and enter the mind of the Halfling Thief. Sans is now for all intents and purposes possessed and pushed forward with urges to free Thelon from his prison.

Session 2 - The Sacred Circle

The group of Ninian, Col, and Sans pushed into Vermindown in search of information on the Grave of Words. Not long into the journey they did discover the settlement of Ravencamp nestled in the hills which provided a welcoming presence.

Trading of information and coin lead to a talk withTorek and ultimately a deal being struck for him to lead several members of the guild to the Grave of Words. Ninian also spoke with the veteran Othelos who sold the group a map leading to the Sacred Circle. Finally, they befriended the camp steward Davidson and learned of his failure in traversing the Feral Coast in search of Thelon’s Rift and the Orb of Power.

The such a great deal of information being traded, the group decided to act quickly on the nearest objective heading to the Sacred Circle to the East along the Blue Moon river. There they discovered the religious sight constructed of 10 foot tall stone pillars stretching to the sky and organized in an eliptical fashion. In the center of the circle was an altar which the group happily picked clean.

Scouting the area lead to the discovery of a cave structure behind the waterfall overlooking the site. They spotted a humanoid watching them and saw the person quickly dart into the cave at the first sign of danger. And so the group decided to push forward.

Within the cave the guild members battled small humanoid warriors that can only be described as dragon-kin or lizard men. They wielded crude weapons and were easily conquered due to Col’s strength, Ninian’s quick wit, and Sans’ endless volley of arrows. They confronted their leader, an oversized Goblin bearing a gigantic tatoo of a skeletal ram upon his face.

After the dust settled the Goblin had been slain while Col took several wounds which burned and festered from the Goblin’s blade. They did discover the Horn of the Ram in the clutches of the Goblin and Sans found a Dwarven Runestone buried in a hole containing feces. If digging through Goblin feces to find a rock is success…well, then the group accomplished much this session.


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