The wealth of Breonne was crumbling in the wake of a 20 year war, the turning of the beard, and incessant in-fighting between the nobility. While the wealth of the Elves prolonged the nation’s plateauing economy, not even the magnificent gift of Mirromin could satisfy the hole torn open when the Elves of Ránëwén ceased communication.

While the Breonnians began to wonder what came of their allies, those Elves left behind began to panic. After 6 months of silence, a joint venture was undertake as a monstrous fleet in honor of King Faragó of Breonne departed West. A month later word would return of the Frontier, and a journey was born.

The Frontier is a Fantasy campaign based on Ben Robbins’ West Marches D&D campaign. The system used is an in house rules light Fantasy game called Charge! which is currently being play-tested.

The idea is that the PCs are exploring a hostile new territory full of wonder and profit. Exploration and discovery are the primary goals. The cast will rotate session to session and the play is episodic by design. The world is explored and created mutually across dynamic groups spanning multiple sessions.

The Frontier

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